Stain Killing Services

Protecting the integrity of your paint job is essential for ideal longevity. Axtell Services understands the importance of making your paint last for years to come and prevent stains with a protective, stain-killing preparation. Our team is well-trained and equipped to deliver exceptional stain killing services to your commercial or industrial property.

Our Stain Killing Process

Like all painting jobs, it all starts with the prep work. By using a protective coat to seal in stains before painting, unwanted yellow staining or discolored areas will be concealed without adding multiple layers of paint. This stain killing protective coating is made from a shellac-base paint that dries to a white finish. Axtell Services is professionally trained to use these products to prime, seal, and block unwanted staining.

Don't let staining get in the way of a beautiful paint job. Let the experts at Axtell Services help with stain killing services in your commercial or industrial building. Request a quote today!