Anti-Slip Floor Coating Services

axtell anti-slip flooring

When we say safety is our top priority, we mean it. From our application techniques to the materials we work with, Axtell Services aims to keep your best interest in mind. For over 30 years, our team has been applying anti-slip floor coatings to industrial and commercial buildings throughout Southeast Michigan.

Why Are Anti-Slip Floor Coatings Important?

By ensuring your property is protected with an anti-slip flooring, you can prevent possible injuries from occurring. Taking preventative measures to protect visitors, clients, and employees is essential to abiding by OSHA standards and maintaining a stress-free, safe environment. Axtell Services offers a wide variety of anti-slip floor coating options depending on the unique needs of you business. Our team efficiently applies slip resistant coatings to factories, auto manufacturing plants, warehouses, and more to ensure the safety of your entire team.

Don't wait until an accident happens. Take preventative steps to maintaining the safety and integrity of your property with anti-slip floor coating services from Axtell Services. Request a free quote today!