Paint Textures

Every business is unique and the painting services we offer are no different. Axtell Services aims to offer beautiful, yet practical painting textures for your commercial or industrial building. After over 30 years in the painting industry, we know the importance of keeping your project on schedule and ensuring your vision comes to life.

Our Paint Textures:

  • Acoustic Finish (Popcorn): Commonly used in commercial or industrial settings, acoustic finish is designed to absorb and reduce sound.
  • Knockdown/Spray Texture: Consists of a natural texture that provides aesthetic appeal and helps to hide imperfections.
  • Orange Peel: Offering exceptional durability, orange peel is used in most large-scale businesses due to its ability to hide imperfections such as dings, scratches, and more.

A high-quality paint job starts by working with a team of professionals you can count on to execute your vision. Our team works with you to decide the best paint textures for your commercial or industrial business. Contact Axtell Services today to learn more about the paint textures we offer!