Full Broadcast Flake System

axtell floor epoxy

We know how important it is to allow your brand to shine through, even when it comes to the small details. Axtell Services works with a full broadcast flake system that adds appeal to your floor, giving it a unique flair and ultimate protection. Our team of painters are well-trained to handle your commercial or industrial project, and we'll partner with you to determine the best option for your individual business.

What is a Full Broadcast Flake System?

A full broadcast flake system consists of the application of floor epoxy that is covered entirely by flakes. Often giving the illusion of stone or granite, a full broadcast adds aesthetic appeal, an extra layer of added strength, and makes cleaning easy. Most who choose to use a full broadcast flake system generally experience heavy equipment, oil, and other materials on their floor that may wear your flooring over time. Using a full broadcast epoxy can prevent wear to tires and provides an easier clean-up process than a traditional concrete floor.

Add unique flair and unmatched longevity to your building with full broadcast flake system services from Axtell. Request a quote on your project today!